Jan 23, 2010


Burlingon beach in January

|wilderness| Illustration Friday

This is "wilderness" project for Creative Portfolio Design class.
I admire work of Julien Pacaud, his style is unique. I have attempted to do something similar.
The K2 region of Pakistan is one of the most remote and mountainous places on earth.
Looking at this picture, I would say wilderness is definitively running out of room.

wilderness prj

Background image from one of many awesome sets of Bartje_uut_Assen (Flickr).

Jan 21, 2010

The H.I.V.E.

I am currently working on a potential logo for new climbing complex. This is just one of a few rough ideas.

Ready, steady, go!

My first entry. 11:23:08 THU 01.21.10

Welcome to my BLOG!
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