Jan 23, 2010

|wilderness| Illustration Friday

This is "wilderness" project for Creative Portfolio Design class.
I admire work of Julien Pacaud, his style is unique. I have attempted to do something similar.
The K2 region of Pakistan is one of the most remote and mountainous places on earth.
Looking at this picture, I would say wilderness is definitively running out of room.

wilderness prj

Background image from one of many awesome sets of Bartje_uut_Assen (Flickr).


  1. i like the pyramids in the background

  2. Very interesting take on the topic. I'm intrigued by your thinking... but I'm a little unsure about your execution. Did you manage to find copyright-free images for the elements in this piece or ...?

    We need to discuss this further in class. But good first effort! :^)

  3. All elements were used with author permission. )

  4. Excellent! Thanks for that clarification, purple. Now please go to the class blog and take a look at what you did there ... and fix that. ;^)

  5. All fixed Leif, sorry about that. I was trying directly send picture to my page and sent it on the wrong blog.