Feb 3, 2010

|Cereal Ad|

Here I show sequence in which I was working on the project.
I also tried to do part of work in Illustrator, but eventually fully switched to PS.
Gradually I reached the point when I had over 40 layers, my PS started to slow down, and at over 50 layers I had to work on 3 separate photoshop documents. Just saving large file can take over a minute.
Last hour or so working on the project was not fun, Leif noted something about been "sick of it", and in the end I felt exactly it.
This is fun project, with all the freedom of creation we have gotten, I am happy with overall result. Although there is a number of elements I would change, redraw, and reposition.
Hope you find it interesting to look at the process, because I like to see the way any work was done from scratch.
If you have any questions, feedback (positive or negative) I would like to hear it, or read it.

Kelloggs Cereal Ad.
School prj. for Modern Design Illustration.


  1. Wow crazy design! I love the attention to detail you have. Great concept too. You really capture the sense of escaping from reality. You actually get a feeling of bliss just looking at the beach paradise, especially up against the dark city. You should feel really proud of this. It's so well done. Great Job!

  2. Thank you.
    Great comment Brittany, I like the way you described it 8D